Givatayim - Izrael

CímerGivatayim is a city that always welcomes you in a warm, homely friendly manner - combined with tranquility immersed in greenery and a peaceful atmosphere of culture and quality of life.

Our city is located next to the large business, commercial and entertainment centers, yet it also serves as a qualitative and cosy home - offering the best education (highest on Givatayim's list of priorities), and a high - standard life style of culture, society and art. Indeed, Givatayim offers people of all ages a quality for life.

Our city is Qualitative, central and very much in demand: in fact people would rather live here than anywhere else in Israel.

Givatayim is representing a rare pearl of environmental and human quality, situated in the very heart of the central metropolis of Israel.
Givatayim's location, its community spirit, and the unique character of the region's prettiest city have all combined to create a city capable of offering the highest quality of life.

GivatayimGivatayim is a web of neat streets - ascending, descending and surrounding the two hills in the center, enveloped by flora on all sides, and offering a wealth of education and culture along with modern health and community services. This is why Givatayim has become one of Israel's most popular residential cities.

Yet our municipality, headed by me, still faces many challenges. The management and me are pleased to say that various projects are currently being realized for developing the city and environment, and these will undoubtedly enable Givatayim to firmly meet the goals of the 2000's.